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Mobile No : 9839662999
Email Id:  cyberdigitalforensicservice@gmail.com
Domain:  www.ifsr.in

World class Fingerprint services that we provide in Jammu:-
? Police Clearance Certificate for FBI USA .
? PCC solution for RCMP Canada.
? Fingerprint for USA Medical Practices License.
? Fingerprint for USA for Medical Doctors
? Criminal background check of all Indians .are in foreign.
? Fingerprint services for PCC issued from Middle East and UAE.
? Fingerprints on FBI FD-258 card and RCMP c-216c Card are widely accepted in all law enforcement agencies across the world.
? Ink and Rolled Fingerprint on FBI FD-258 card.
? Examination of fingerprints before or after death.
? Fingerprints for Individual or Groups for Graphology and Handwriting analysis.
? Verification of fingerprints under medical treatment and Comparison of finger prints.
? Taking fingerprints for criminal records and Fingerprint matching.
? Fingerprint verification Police Clearance certificate Fingerprint Verification for Visa / Immigration.
? All types latent and patent Fingerprinting Services.
? Fingerprints for green card application, Citizenship applications International adoption.
? Fingerprints for Security Guards, Pharmaceutical technicians, International Job Application.
? Fingerprint for FBI Criminal Background Check.
? Fingerprint for International Travelling.
? Fingerprinting For FINRA / TPA / Insurance License.
? Fingerprint Verification for State police Clearance Certificate from all USA States.
? Professional Medical License or Licensed Health Care from Michigan, New York, Washington, Virginia, Texas, Florida, Nebraska, Las Vegas, Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey USA etc.


Rehri,Jammu, Rehari, Jammu
Keyword : Handwriting Expert, Fingerprint Expert, Arson Investigation, Cyber forensic Experts, Expert,Signature Examination Experts
Created Date: 27-02-2021
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