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Vardhman Health Specialities announces foray into ‘Adult Immunisation’

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Vardhman Health Specialities (VHS Group), India’s first WHO certified pharma distribution company and a market leader in specialty pharma and healthcare supply chain, today announced its foray into ‘Adult Immunisation’ and its plans to grow this as a distinct category and market in India. At an exclusive virtual press meet held today, VHS announced the launch of Immugard, a first of its kind platform and end-to-end vaccine management solution, right from manufacturing to warehouse to mid-level to last mile & end consumer. VHS LogiTech will also implement a unique delivery model reaching out to university & educational campuses, corporate organisations and at-home administration for direct, end consumers.
Vardhman’s group company VHS LogiTech through which business will be conducted for the adult immunisation business, has already invested over INR 15 crore in the new division and platform and plans to invest another 100 crore over the next year, primarily in technology, warehouse infrastructure and R&D. The group as a whole clocked revenues of INR 500 crore in FY 20-21 and plans to double it to over 1000 Cr. In the next two to three years and the adult immunisation division will contribute a significant 30% of this.
VHS Group also announced the appointment of a distinguished Advisory Board headed by esteemed, Dr. Giridhar J Gyani, Director of AHPL, as Chairperson, along with Dr. Sanjeev Singh, Dr Thuppil Venkatesh, PhD, FACBI, FIABMS LEAD MAN OF INDIA, Dr Subhrojyoti Bhowmick, Dr. Debashish Gupta and Brigadier Dr Paramjit Singh Dhot.
VHS Logitech has joint hands with Association of Healthcare Providers (AHPL) and with vaccine providers to increase awareness and access to vaccines for Influenza, diphtheria, Pertussis, Tentanuc, Typhoid, Hepatitis A & B, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, among others, manufactured by reputed pharma majors such as Pfizer, Abott, GSK, Sanofi and other key players. As a first step, VHS is in talks for efficient distribution and increase of easy access of the COVID-19 vaccine.
Speaking to media, Mr. J B Chowhan, Chairman of VHS Group said, “The Vardhman Group started its business in pharma distribution way back in 1988 and we are the first and only WHO certified company in the space in India. Over the years, we have built a very strong and efficient storage and distribution infrastructure including cold chain supply management facilities for specialty pharma in the areas of oncology, nephrology, hepatology, virology, cardiology and neurology among others. The COVID 19 pandemic has in a very unexpected and sharp manner brought the spotlight to lack of awareness of the importance and availability of adult vaccines in India. We are happy to be leveraging our experience and expertise in this industry to pioneer this effort and increase adult immunisation for some of the fast growing diseases in India. I am even more happy and glad that we have a highly esteemed advisory board to drive this effort, aptly chaired by Dr. Gyani


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Created Date: 17-03-2021
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