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Contact Details
Mobile No : 8637313782529922
Email Id:  hbqzdg@sohu.com
Domain:  http://www.hbcranehook.com/crane-hook/gantry-crane-hook-assembly.html

Product Name:Gantry Crane Hook Assembly
Product Description:
Used for Harbin power equipment co., LTD. 350t bridge crane.

If you want to purchase best price Gantry crane hook assembly, pls contact me: max@hbqzdg.com

Please be free to buy the gantry crane hook assembly with the best price with our professional China manufacturers and suppliers. And the customized products are also offered if you need.
Product Website: http://www.hbcranehook.com/crane-hook/gantry-crane-hook-assembly.html
Company Description
Henan Huabei Lifting Hook Co., Ltd
Address:henanhenanChangyuanChangyuanNo.12 Huabei Road changyuan Crane Industrial Zone Changyuan henan
Descption:History:?Henan Huabei Lifting Hook Co.,Ltd. was founded by Mr. Jingxuan Han in 1990,now is operated by second generation. Mr. Jinxuan Han began to work as forged tool students at the 16 years old,at that time, his main job is to make forged door knob,knife,other tools by hand.
In 1990, Mr. Jingxuan Han forcased crane industry opportunity,then he built his own small factory “Xinxiang Huabei machinery factory”, the first factory to make forged hook in Changyuan county.
In 2003, Huabei factory has built great reputation in crane hook industry, the small factory can’t meet the growth of orders,Mr. Jingxuan Han decided to build a new factory with enough space. At the end of this year, the company moved into the new factory and renamed as the current name.
Registered Capital:5031
Henan Huabei Lifting Hook Co., Ltd
Contact:Dingqiang Han
Company Website: http://www.hbcranehook.com


No.12 Huabei Road changyuan Crane Industrial Zone Changyuan henan, Abohar All Localities, Abohar
Keyword : Gantry Crane Hook Assembly
Created Date: 29-04-2021
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